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Life and Death
Today has been a strange day.  Giving new life to one cat, and saying goodbye to another. Bob (the cat) went off to a new family.  He still has to make friends with their resident cat and dog, but he's been friends with felines and canines before.  He came right out of the crate and started inspecting their house.  Within a few minutes he was rubbing his cheeks on everything he passed.  Mine.  Mine. Mine.  Oh yeah, mine.  We arrogant humans think a cat rubbing on his means he loves us.  Well, that might be true, but they also rub the sofa.  The chair legs.  The corner of the cabinets.  The  doorway.  Where do we rank in all that?  I suppose we have more value since we are the food dispensers.  Thankfully Bob is a confident, friendly cat, so integration will be mostly up to the resident pets.  His new people are completely smitten! At the same time, our oldest cat is saying goodbye.  We don't know exactly how old Teddy is, but there is a picture of him taken in 1998 as a young but fully grown cat.  I "inherited" him on my last move.  He was one of the neighborhood strays, and was at least 9 years old at the time.  A gorgeous flame point fluffy tomcat, he's left his imprint on most of the stray kittens around.  While I was admiring him, he was preening and I saw he had not yet been neutered.  That was corrected with haste, but much to my shock he tested postive for Feline Leukemia. Normally that would be an instant death sentence, but I asked the vet to run a comprehensive blood panel and it came back perfect.  Aside from the fatal disease, he was the healthiest cat I'd ever brought in!  I decided to give him a chance.  We built a large enclosure for him where he could see my cats, but not touch them.  Although he was feral and couldn't be touched, he relaxed as soon as he knew he was safe and recaptured his kittenhood.  It was such a joy to hear him slapping around the balls with bells, and watch the fuzzy mousy move from outside to inside his house to his water bowl (?!) to his pillow. We kept expecting him to show signs of illness but he never did.  We talked with the neighbors and got more of his history.  Apparently when he was about 7 some neighbors moved out of their rented house and it was unoccupied for a month.  Sometime during that month he got locked in the house, and by the time he got out he was skin and bone.  We didn't know if he had the storied 9 Lives, but he clearly had at least 3! Several years ago he started having dental problems.
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Caly's Cats is the cat adoption program of Helen's Haven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.  The mission of Helen's Haven is enhancing the relationship between people and pets.  One of the most effective means of meeting our mission is matching people and companion animals who are looking for each other, even though they may not know it.

We are dedicated to taking on the cats that might be classified as "special needs" when we get them.  Our cats start out a little shy, or a little feral, a little young, or something else that means they need a little more time than can be provided at a shelter or more traditional rescue.  We give them the time, love and attention they need to get ready for their forever home. And, when they are ready, we are delighted to act as match-makers for them and the people who will love them.

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We still have many wonderful cats who are waiting for their forever home and our primary responsibility is to them.  Therefore we are not taking in any new cats at this time.

If you are looking for help, we are sorry but we no longer assisting with owner-surrendered cats or with stray cats.  You can click on the "links" tab to find resources in the local, and extended, community for personal cats as well as feral cats.

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Helen’s Haven is a California Non-Profit Corporation founded on September 19, 2013. It was inspired by the last twelve year’s activities of Caly’s Cats Feline Rescue, which remains as a program of Helen’s Haven. We are currently awaiting receipt of our IRS Determination Letter which will complete our 501c3 status. We are staffed 100% by volunteers and appreciate your interest and support!