Sylvester is available for adoption

Sylvester w/SP (CCFRCT #1059)
12 years old

I am a nice sized kitty with a beautiful black and white formal coat, and a very fluffy tail that I point straight up to show how friendly I am (and how pretty my tail is!) I am a lovebug and just desperate for my own family! I am the original lap cat. In fact, you may want to have more than one lap available in my new family or you will get nothing done. I love to make biscuits and will make them in the air while you hold me cause I'm such a happy boy. I am friendly, sweet and affectionate. If you pick me up I will wrap my paws around your neck and hug you and give you face rubs. I like to talk (chirr) with you and we will hold many profound conversations. I like to play and can entertain myself, but I'll prefer to play with you. If you get me one of those feather toys on a fishing pole, I'll never leave your side!

I may be 10 years old but you'll think I'm just like a big 2 year old! I'm old enough to mind my manners, but still have the personality and heart of a kitten! I grew up with my kitty brothers and we had fun, but I have now decided I want to be an only cat. I do not care for most other cats, although I guess the dogs (German Shepherds) in my foster home are okay.

Like most cats, I can be unsettled by change so I may need a little time to settle in to my new home. But, give me a some patience and love and you will have a devoted fan for life!

Please note:

  • Sylvester would do best as an only child
  • Sylvester needs a home with no young children
  • Indoor only
Sylvester w/SP (CCFRCT #1059)
Sylvester w/SP (CCFRCT #1059)
Sylvester w/SP (CCFRCT #1059)
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