Chance is not ready for adoption

Chance w/SP (CCFRCT #1093)
Domestic Medium Hair
Gray and White Grey tabby
7 years old

I am so happy to be here!  Y'see, when I was a baby I managed to get myself locked in a place with no food or water for a very long time.  When I finally got out I was cold and skinny and very weak.  But some nice people found me and took me to the doctor.  All of my tests checked out and I was given a warm place to recover and lots of good food.  And, boy did I recover!  I am fat and fluffy as you can see from my pictures!

I love playing with Joey, the deaf cat.  He thinks he's a kitten so we have so much fun together.  You can check out our video clip and see how I "beat him up." (Well, don't tell him - he thinks he's winning!)

Even though I seem like a tough kitty when I'm beating....I mean playing with Joey, I'm really a love bug at heart.  I love to sleep on the bed, tucked in behind someone's legs.  And, I am a smart boy.  I watch everything that goes on and think about everything I see.  I nearly missed out on this life, and I'm so grateful to be here.  And, I show it every day.

I'm really happy where I am. There is a lot of activity and I never get bored so I never get into mischief.  My foster mom says I have an "old soul in a kitten's body" ... whatever that means. But, happy as I am I think I'd like to have my own person to cuddle.  Is that person you?

Please note:

  • Chance needs a playmate in his new home
  • Chance needs a home with no dogs and no young children
  • Indoor only
Chance w/SP (CCFRCT #1093)
Chance w/SP (CCFRCT #1093)