Kimmy is available for adoption

Kimmy w/ED (CCFRCT #1108)
Brown Black, gray, white and brown
11 years old

Kimmy is a very sweet little girl whose mom of 7 years had to give her up due to health concerns so now she's looking for a new home.  As a fosterer I can tell you this, Kimmy is the most polite, well socialized, people loving cat I've ever had in my care.  She's quiet and curious and absolutely loves to play.  Give her a nice place to curl up and a window to look out (plus a few toys, of course) and she's just as happy as can be.  She even purrs when she's playing!  Loves being brushed and is used to having her nails clipped so no worries on the grooming front either.  She enjoys meeting new people and warms up to anyone in a few seconds flat.  If you're looking for drama, she's not your girl, but if you want to come home to a happy, playful, purring little cat you should definitely come and meet her.

Please note:

  • Kimmy needs a home with no dogs and no young children
  • Indoor only
Kimmy w/ED (CCFRCT #1108)
Kimmy w/ED (CCFRCT #1108)
Kimmy w/ED (CCFRCT #1108)
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