Silky w/CCT (CCFRCT #1114)
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White Tuxedo

I'm one of a litter of 3 kittens.  We were found abandoned when we were only 2 days old!  Sometimes kittens that young don't make it without their mom, but we were determined to live.  Our foster mom fed us around the clock with a tiny bottle.  We had milk made especially for kittens because cats cannot digest cows milk (although all cats seem to love the taste!).  When we got a little older we "graduated" to regular food and then our foster mom could sleep through the night.  That is, until we discovered nighttime is the best time to play!

Since we were raised by a person we think we are people!  No one told us that cats are supposed to be aloof, or shy, or independent.  We LOVE people and will come running to say Hi whether we know you or not!

We have been inside our whole lives, so we have no skills to be outside.  We love it inside just fine, thank you very much.  We really like those cardboard scratchers and we are all very good about using the litterbox.  We are very gentle and good about keeping our claws in when we play with you.

I'm called "Silky" because of my smooth silky fur.  From the very beginning, even in my baby-kitten-fluffy stage, my coat has felt like it's made of silk.  At first I was a little more aloof from my brother and sister, but as we've gotten older I've decided I really like to be with them! My sister is fun to play with, but I have a blast with my brother!

I would love to stay with both my sister and my brother - we play so nicely together and have so much fun - but if that isn't possible I have to have another kitten wherever I go. I will get too lonely by myself and have too much energy to be a companion to an adult cat.   And, I need a home where people are around most of the time because I love being with them so much.

Littermates:  Biscuits, Tinkerbell