Duke is available for adoption

Duke w/SP (CCFRCT #1124)
Domestic Medium Hair
White White
10 years old

Duke is a very friendly boy. He purrs, and flirts, and wants nothing more than to be with people.  He is refined and dignified...until the toys come out!  Then the wild man appears - he plays with the exuberance of a small kitten!  And, when the toys go away, he returns to being refined and dignified.  Duke was abandoned and spent some time on the street until he was spotted in a managed feral colony.  He clearly did NOT belong there!  He is so grateful to be back inside where the beds are soft and warm, and the food is regular!

White cats who live outside can be prone to skin cancer, especially on the ear tips.  To prevent that, he had some sun damaged skin trimmed from ear tips so his ears are nice and round - just like a panda bear.  All the damage was removed so, as long as he lives inside, there should be no future trouble.

Duke is waiting for his forever home - could it be with you?

Please note:

  • Indoor only
Duke w/SP (CCFRCT #1124)
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